Top 5 Japanese Apple Hard Candies

Top 5 Japanese Apple Hard Candies

July 12, 2018

In Japan toffee apples, also known as candy apples, are common treats at festivals. In addition to that, there are also several types of basic hard candies with the same apple taste.

On this page we would like to introduce you to Japanese toffee apples and tell you fan-to-know information about five Japanese apple hard candies. We've added links to online shops where you can buy those candies, so please check them out if you find yourself interested!

Features of Japanese apple hard candies

What is a Japanese toffee apple (candy apple)?

Children love this at Japanese festivals


Source: Japanese Candy Samurai

Like in Western countries, toffee apples are also popular in Japan. The Japanese name of "candy apple" is ringoame, literally meaning apple (ringo) candy (ame). It's a common treat at festivals, but people don't eat this specific sweet on a daily basis. Instead, the Japanese munch on apple-flavored candies. Unlike many Western candy apples, Japanese apples are simple. They are small in size with an apple coated only in bekkou, a Japanese transparent sugar candy made simply with sugar and water. Sometimes the bekkou is colored with red or green to emphasize the color of the apple, but the Japanese don't use any additional ingredients like nuts or caramel.

Candy apple vs. candy apricot


Source: Japanese Candy Samurai

There is a similar festival treat in Japan called anzu-ame (あんず飴), which mean "candy apricot". Even though "apricot" is in the name, this candy uses a wide variety of fruits such as Mikan (a type of Japanese orange), strawberry and pineapples. They are coated by mizuame, a different type of Japanese sugar candy from bekkou. Unlike bekkou, which is used in candy apples, mizuame is soft and chewy. Mizuame becomes solid in room temperature, however, so in order to keep its softness, this candy is generally kept on plate of ice. As you can see in the picture above, candies on ice pates are very colorful and wonderful to look at. The most famous center among many of the fruit candies is not apricot, but sour plum. The mixture of sour plum and the sweetness of mizuame is brilliant and unforgettable.

We think candy apples are more popular in the western parts of Japan and candy apricots are more common in eastern parts of Japan. However, at a big festival you can find both, so please try both and let us know which type you like more!

Japanese toffee apples as lollipops

This lollipop is a reproduction of Japanese toffee apples. The taste is more comparable to apple hard candies, but the atmosphere is more like Japanese toffee candies. The biggest drawback, we think, is that this candy doesn't contain any real apple ingredients, but, instead, it just tastes like apple. There are two color variations: red and green. They each have apple and green-apple tastes respectively.

Top 5 Japanese apple hard candies

Now, we will introduce the top 5 Japanese apple hard candies chosen by Japanese Candy Samurai. This ranking list was put together by Japanese candy lovers (based on their preferences) with added voices from tourists and students from abroad. We also added links to our online shop, so please take a look if you can pull yourself away from the delicious candy!

5: Three Varieties of Apple Candies

You can enjoy three different types of Jappanese apples

What an apple flavor! This candy is packed with real, fruit flavor. What's more, you can enjoy three different types of candies, each using a different species of apple: Jonagold, Ourin and Fuji. Jonagold apples have a good balance of sweet and sour. Ourin apples are green apples born in Japan and have a refreshing scent. The last of the apple species, Fuji, is one of the most popular types in Japan. It's very juicy. If you like apple candies, what's better than having a package with three different kinds? Try them out, compare them and find your favorite.

4: Butter Apple Candy

Happy marriage between butter and apple

There's no doubt that butter and apple is a good combination. This candy uses carefully selected butter and Fuji apples (both produced and grown in Japan) and mixed them up into hard candy. Thanks the techniques of the confectionery maestoro, Kanro, this candy has exquisite taste. A sweet apple taste with mild sourness melded with creamy butter and a bit of saltiness. Enjoy the marriage of these two tastes.

3: Just "Let It Be" Apple – Simple Apple Candy

Just "Let It Be" Apple – Simple Apple Candy

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Detail info
・Brand: Kanro
・Taste: Pure apple

Let it be apple

The Japanese name of this candy "ありのままの” literally means "let it be" in English. A good way to describe this would be to just let the apple, be the apple. So, let's have the apple candy taste like the apple and nothing more. To create this real fruit taste, Kanro, one of the biggest Japanese candy makers, uses grated apples in their recipe and no artificial flavors or colors. You can enjoy this simple and authentic taste of apples. Trust us, you'll never get bored with this candy!

2: Honey Stuffing Apple Candy

Way to go! Apple and honey

There are so many honey-apple tasting hard candies in the world, but this candy has its own, original taste. It has a thick, honey stuffing and once you reach that spot, your tongue will be delighted with the sweet honey taste and texture. The apples and honey used in this candy are produced in Shinsyu, a central mountain area of Japan. The resources are fabulous in this mountainous area and Shinsyu produces top-class apples and honey. We think this candy can make the perfect gift for your friends and family just because of its high quality. Try it and let us know how much you love it!

1: Thick Apple Candy

Very condensed apple

Japanese name of this candy "濃ーい” which literally means "thick", but not just "thick", it means "thick". We're talking about a very condensed candy. This series uses concentrated fruit juice to produce hard candies and it has several tastes including Mikan (a type of Japanese orange), mango and blueberry. All of them taste great, but if we were forced to choose only one flavor, we'd pick apple. We think you might pick the same as this candy is just that good! The taste is very dense but natural, which is a good balance. So, we can guarantee that you will love this candy if you are a fan of the apple flavor. But don't get too addicted!


We hope you enjoyed these rankings of Japanese apple hard candies. We listed not only pure apple candies, but also some candies with added flavors, which are adored by Japanese candy lovers. If you're looking for that taste of Japan, please try these apple hard candies! Who knows? Perhaps you'll become just as hooked as the Japanese people.

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